The watch that knows you best

A super-targeted, data-driven and creatively-cool launch for the Samsung Watch4 Series

Samsung had launched the new Galaxy Watch4 mere weeks after our big Galaxy Watch3 campaign, so we really had to take things to the next level. To make things trickier, we were handed the rather limp global campaign line... The watch that knows you best.

We decided that our campaign needed to prove this claim, by showcasing the incredible health and activity data the Watch4 could gather from its wearer. 

We teamed up with Peckham BMX Club and East London’s Clmbxr crew - filming them in action and capturing the health and training data from their watches to create punchy social ads.

With the watch UI front and centre, and raw and up-close action shots in the background, we made viewers feel truly connected to the watch and the action.

In each 15s ad, we packed sexy product shots, high energy footage and multiple watch features.

Next up, we set a Strava challenge, targeting a truly engaged audience with the perfect product and inspiring them to get active. 

We then used the Strava athlete data, along with localised headlines, to engage our audience on the streets. As well as promoting the Watch4’s Strava compatibility, each ad also teased a secondary watch feature relevant to the headline. Double whammy.

With the Strava data being updated daily and geo-targeted to different locations, no two ads were ever the same.

The most important data…

230,773 Strava athletes engaged