Don’t just watch

A big platform idea for Samsung Galaxy smartwatches

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 was out there, but no one really knew (or cared) what it could do. Previous campaigns had focused on the features and tech, so we needed a big idea that would put it into our audience's language, and onto their wrists.

The idea: Don’t just watch

The campaign line was bold and provocative, with punchy pay-offs that turned each techy feature into a real-life benefit; Dream bigger. React faster. Pay slicker. Move freely. Breathe easy. Own your health.

We created 6 engaging social ads which showed each watch feature being used in a relatable yet inspiring scenario.

The films were short and punchy for social stand-out...

Showing each of the Watch3 features from Stress Score to ECG...

Across all social channels and Youtube pre-roll.

Bus sides took the campaign to the streets, targeting city-types with the most appropriate watch features.

We used Strava heat map data to hit athletes with the watch’s training features on the most popular running routes.

Time-of-day-targeted underground ads introduced the Sleep Tracking feature to our business audience at their most tired.

It even made it to the big screen.

And a first-of-its-kind Snapchat wrist-recognition filter allowed people to augment the Watch3 onto their wrists.

Then they put it on their wrists for real…

UK ownership rocketed up 60%
The number of Samsung phone owners who own a Galaxy Watch3 doubled
Samsung’s biggest market share to date

What started as a small social campaign went above the line and across the country. The Don't just watch line has even replaced the global line for Samsung smartwatches. Big win.