Make _____ Not War

An award-winner that made Lynx grow up

Lynx wanted a digital activation for their Make Love Not War campaign, to engage the new, older and more savvy Lynx breed.

Less tit, more wit was their new mantra... "but actually guys, not too much wit as we're talking about the fairly heavy subject of world peace". So effectively - no tit, no wit.   

THE IDEA: Make ____ Not War

We went 'content' before it was a buzzword - with 3 huge collaborations and truly original content inspiring guys to focus their passions in the name of Peace. Content.

Cue another classic DMA Gold Award-winning case study video...

The collaborators’ projects were brought together on a beautifully slick site.

The giddy climax was the huge music single release, which has since clocked up 1.8 million views.


A couple of other results we're proud of:

Over half a million views of the MAKE BEATS series
24,000+ individuals engaged with the campaign on ASOS
1,000+ t-shirts sold
800 entries on Instagram
Over 200,000 Unique visits to