Dolphin Slap

Giving bottled water drinkers a big, wet wake-up call

55% of plastic bottled water drinkers buy it for the home, so Brita wanted a shareable video that would get them to consider a Brita jug as a more sustainable alternative. 

The idea: A big flipper

With so much in the press about the impact of single-use plastics, we didn’t want to preach. Our audience were well aware of the issue, they just needed a wake up call and an easy solution… and who better to give it to them than the most affected.

Brita also wanted to bring their taste benefit into the messaging. Rather than confusing things, we worked it in with a simple tagline:


This was all about shareability, so we made it easy for the video to be cut down with 3 distinct scenes for perfect 10” stings.

We hadn’t seen this issue tackled with humour before, so it was important to get the balance right; comical enough to make offenders stop, think and share, but not too daft to risk undermining the issue.