A Far Better Ride

A couple of million-view social videos comparing travel to sex? Big time.

Virgin wanted a disruptive social video to highlight how much of a pain in the arse driving is, compared to the far more pleasurable experience of taking the train. 

THE IDEA: Driving is like bad sex

A short, innuendo-ridden video where 2 couples talk about their opposing travel experiences. Turns out driving is like bad sex, while travelling with Virgin Trains is like the best you’ve ever had… even if it is over quickly.

The client liked the idea so much they asked for an anti-plane version too. Fortunately, the innuendos were plenteous.

A couple of results we're proud of:

Over 1M views
26% watched to the end

(stupidly high for a 46s video)
30% even turned on the sound
(typically only 2% of Facebook videos are viewed with sound on)